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Bimmer Motors Group Inc. offers a wide variety of services for your automobile.
Some of which are

BMW Maintenance Services & Parts in Brooklyn

  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Auto Body Restoration & Repairs
  •  Brakes
  •  ABS Service
  •  Cooling Systems
  •  Detailing Center
  •  Diagnostics
  •  Electrical Systems
  •  Exhaust Systems
  •  Fuel Systems
  •  Glass Replacement
  •  Transmission Repairs
  •  NY State Inspection Station
  •  Parts Department
  •  Precision Welding
  •  Program Tests
  •  Suspension
  •  Tires
  •  Wheels
  •  Tune-ups
  •  Lubrication Service
  •  Upholstering
  •  24 Hour Phone Message Retrieval
  •  Pick Up & Delivery
Customer Service 'Round The Clock'

For the most comprehensive BMW Service Brooklyn has to offer and a wide variety of services you don’t need to look much further than Bimmer Motors Group Inc. Our customer service department never sleeps, so you can rest easy. We provide 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency and technical support – that BMW owners can trust for service in Brooklyn. Although we believe that the best service is consistent, high quality maintenance, knowing we are available day and night adds an extra margin of comfort to your driving experience in New York.

Our Most Valuable Service

Answers to Your Questions

Maintaining a complex, high-technology automobile is not simple. Getting the best BMW, Audi, and Mercedes diagnostic service the Brooklyn area has to offer for your vehicle is important – only trusts specialists such as those at Bimmer.


Should you replace your shocks with after-market performance parts? What needs to be done to ensure that the springs, bushings and anti-sway bars are compatible or won't be damaged?

Engine Performance Modifications

Do performance computer chips and/or software really enhance the power of a BMW? Do other BMW modifications need to be made to support a performance chip installation? Are there tradeoffs in fuel economy or reliability that you should be aware of?

BMW Tires

What are plus zero, plus one and plus two upgrades? Do you need to replace wheels as well, and if so what size and type? What kind of snow tires work best on a vehicle in winter? Where will you store your normal tires and wheels during the snow season?


Are anti-lock brake pads an improvement or a source of problems? What about upgraded rotors and calipers, how do they complement my Brooklyn BMW wheels service?

Exhaust Systems

Which modifications and upgrades increase performance, and which are a waste of money?

We Have The Answers

One of the most important services we offer is being able to answer these and many more questions about your BMW. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff to know what replacement and upgrade parts and components provide an effective upgrade/enhancement and which are a waste of money or a source of potential problems. Bimmer Motors Group is your one stop shop for the best BMW maintenance service Brooklyn has to offer.

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Bimmer Motors Group Inc. offers a variety of services in New York City, including
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