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We are proud to offer BMW service in New York and Long Island City, that NY residents can depend on. We also offer our expert service for Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Mini Cooper and Land Rover. Since 1974, Bimmer Motors Group Inc has strived to become a leading independent automotive specialty BMW repair shop in Long Island City that Queens Mercedes owners can trust. We have learned it takes a team effort to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Our specialists maintain current product knowledge and skills at a top level. Each has the in-depth knowledge it takes to diagnose hard-to-find problems. They are also a great source of information on general maintenance.

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Car repair tools that make the difference!

The proper maintenance of your Mercedes systems, such as ignition, fuel injection, engine control, anti-lock brakes, and many others, require sophisticated knowledge and tools. Improper maintenance or repair of these complex systems can degrade system integrity and functionality. Improper repairs can result in faulty or unreliable operation -or worse yet- severe and sometimes irreversible damage to critical components.

At our BMW repair shop in Long Island City, we scan every Queens Mercedes and BMW before making any repairs. We use the most advanced BMW tester on the market, the GT1 (Group Tester One), to provide the most advanced BMW service. Having such a powerful tool helps the mechanic identify which vehicle system is experiencing a problem. This advanced, hand-held device connects directly to your car's diagnostic system. Using digital information processing technology, the GT1 can pinpoint complex electronic or operational problems in a variety of areas, quickly and accurately. The GT1 completely covers ALL BMW systems, as well as ECU (Electronic Control Unit) programming and configuration, which can only be done with the GT1. Many of the original electronic systems on modern vehicles can now be re-programmed using software; historically any changes to rectify software problems would involve a new ECU which would increase the price of the repair. The GT1 at our BMW shop Long Island City location is always up-to-date which enables it to have all the diagnostics and programming for the very latest BMW has to offer.

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